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If you have ever considered teaching yoga or maybe want to deepen your own practice we want to invite you to consider joining us for our next Blissful Spirits 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Training Includes:

  • A set hot yoga sequence including the tools to modify and amplify each posture.

  • A separate Yin Training will be included covering all postures, and providing the tools to teach six different Yin sequences.

  • The ability to implement the use of weights in your teachings.

  • Understanding of both the physical and energetic body's anatomy.

  • A journey into yoga's history.

  • Sadhana (spiritual practice) will be done on most days throughout the training including Kirtan (chanting) and meditation.

  • Proper approach to hands-on adjustments. How to incorporate essential oils into your classes. Daily practice with lead instructors.

  • Free yoga (with lead instructors) while you train. To help you grow in your practice, we provide free yoga during your training.

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