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Melanie St. Georges

Co Founder 

Melanie first began practicing Bikram Yoga but after almost a year wanted more. She then discovered The Barkan Method Of Hot Yoga and she knew that she wanted to share this style of Yoga with the World. She became a Certified Instructor and opened Blissful Spirits Yoga Studio. Blissful Spirits has grown to be one of Albuquerques most loved studios and considered a community staple. Always a student,  Melanie has continued to study yoga and bring many new styles such as yin yoga to her community . In 2017 she co-founded Blissful Spirits Yoga Teacher Training so she can pass on her knowledge of the practice to other students. 

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Denise Gonzales

Co Founder 

Denise found pranayama and meditation at the age of 16 but truly fell in love with the practice and discipline of Asana in 2010 after realizing the need to heal her own life. When she took her first class at Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga she recalls that she thought halfway through the class “i am going to do this for the rest of my life”. Since then Denise became an instructor in 2011 and has dedicated herself 

to studying various styles of the practice. Today, after a decade of instructing, Denise enjoys teaching her group mat classes and has been hosting Yoga Teacher Trainings with her partner Melanie St Georges since 2017. Denise enjoys the presence and creative spaces yoga takes her and encourages her students to communicate with their bodies through breath so they are able to learn more about their bodies needs and potential strengths every time they come to practice at Bliss.

Guest Instructors


Kyle Linzer

Philosophy Guide


Lynette Satriani

Anatomy & Physiology


Donna Marlow

Hot Yoga Sculpt


Pamela Hong

Hands On Adjustments


Laura Buckley

Hands on Adjustments